‘Capsule’ Soundtrack

May 28, 2015

I’ve spent the last month underground, working on my first film score with composer Hugo De Chaire. It’s a British Independent film set in the 1950’s
about the space-race called ‘Capsule’, directed by Andrew Martin, starring Ben Kingsley.

I wrote some additional music for the film, including the title track with Skylar Fri. We had only 7 weeks to write and record 90 minutes of music, so it was a fairly exciting initiation into scoring feature films!

The best bit was going out to Tom-Tom studios in Budapest to record with a 60-piece orchestra. I’ve had some music preformed by orchestras before, but never had the chance to be so involved in the recording process so it was absolutely amazing. Hugo has written a fantastic score which will be available soon, I’m very proud to have worked on it alongside him. I’ll post some clips up here soon!

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